A new model for HR development

A new way to develop your team and engage with peers. 

Accelerate your organisation's transformation journey with HR's first full-stack development programme.

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What is Circal
Rise above the day to day

The HR function needs to change the way it operates.

Right now, HR is being dragged towards compliance, rather than the strategic department it should be. This is understandable when there are constantly pressing issues to deal with. However, HR teams need to seize the opportunity to act differently to move the agenda towards long-term focussed, strategic leadership.

Circal will enable you develop the long term strategies needed to gain competitive advantage and be agile enough to get onto the boardroom agenda.

Let technology bring you the most relevant HR news for you. Have industry best practice at your finger tips. Get advice directly from experts in their field. Speak to HR Directors that have been through the same challenges that you are facing. Do it all with Circal membership.

Success for us, is more HRDs making it to CEO.

How it works
Build your knowledge and your network
Your 24/7 knowledge assistant. Available on your phone, tablet or laptop, Circal is designed to fuel your continuous learning by being available for you whenever and wherever you have the time to access it.

Curated content

Allow AI to lift the most relevant content for you. Our tools scour the globe for the best HR sources and bring them into one manageable place, dynamically curated to fit your needs. Quickly find content when you need it or browse to see what the industry is talking about.

Peer networking

Tap into industry peers with the same challenges as you. Use messaging, forum and call functions to collaborate with industry peers and experts to find solutions to your most difficult problems.

Closed group network

Collectively up-skill teams and take action more quickly. Seen a great article? Share it in safe, closed group environments to discuss, collaborate and apply learnings. “This article is a super interesting perspective on our current problem. Please read and we can discuss next steps in Monday’s status”

Exclusive access

Get access to Circal’s expert content - written articles, audio, video and events all created by HRDs and industry experts.

Who is Circal for?
Set up your team for success with a window to continuous learning and closed messaging groups for discussion and debate.
Get the best learning from experts across the world while reducing the barriers in your own multi-location organisation.
Circal fits into your schedule

2 minutes between meetings

Check the latest industry news

10 minutes to solve a problem

Reach out to industry peers who have been through it.

A free hour for more formal learning

Watch a webinar, listen to a podcast or register for an event.

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