Our story
How it all began

The concept of Circal began in a workshop session with HRDs discussing their challenges. There were a number of common themes. 

  • Keeping up with the latest thinking is hard when the industry is changing so fast.
  • Always running between meetings, they don't have the time to research themselves.
  • Constant bombardment of sales messages disguised as 'reports' or 'research' is making it harder to decipher real thinking.
  • The most effective way to solve problems is to speak to other HRDs with the same problems but its hard to build external networks of HRDs and subject matter experts. 

Our brains started ticking. Surely there is an app for that? A single repository of knowledge to save and read at leisure. To share, debate and discuss with colleagues? We looked high and low and there was nothing that fit the bill. So we reached out to AI experts, tech whizzes and web coders and built Circal from the ground up. 

Fast forward a very busy year and we are proud to introduce Circal, the first application built to solve these challenges and provide a better way of understanding, digesting, sharing and building your knowledge and network